Pack Your Storage Unit Like a Pro with These Tips

If you’re preparing to move and require additional space to store your items, renting a self storage unit may be the best solution. Whether you need more room for the short term or are looking for a longer-term storage solution, packing up your storage unit effectively can help save time and money. Knowing how to pack an efficient storage unit is essential in helping create an organized space that will keep all of your belongings safe until they’re needed again. Hillside Self Storage has tips for you on how to make the most out of every corner of your rented storage space.

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How to Pack Your Storage Unit Efficiently

1. Plan Out Where in Your Space to Store Certain Items

Before you begin loading items into your storage unit, take time to map out the layout of your space with your stored items. Place valuable items toward the back of the storage unit and frequently used items near the door for easy access. It’s always a good idea to leave a central aisle within the unit, allowing room to maneuver and rearrange boxes as necessary. Thoughtful placement of items in your storage unit will significantly increase the likelihood of locating them when needed in the future.

2. Gather Sturdy Storage Supplies

Prior to packing your belongings, ensure that your existing boxes and bins are robust enough for safe storage over several months. Additionally, assess any delicate or sensitive items you plan to store, and consider extra precautions such as additional padding or airtight containers to ensure their long-term protection. At our Hillside Road office, Hillside Self Storage offers a range of packing supplies for purchase, including boxes, bubble wrap, locks, and more.

3. Label Boxes & Bins

When the contents of a box or bin are not visible, jot down a brief description to help you recall what’s inside, such as “DVDs and CDs” or “party dishware.” This way, when searching for a specific item later on, you can simply refer to the label rather than opening every box. Your labeling method could involve writing directly on the box or creating a reference cheat sheet. The crucial aspect is determining the approach that best helps you remember the location of your stored items.

4. Protect Your Items from Dust and Moisture

Even in a secure storage unit, dust and moisture can pose a risk to stored items, particularly fabrics, electronics, and documents. Cover furniture with breathable cloths or specially designed furniture covers to keep dust away. For added protection against moisture, consider using silica gel packets inside boxes containing electronics or papers, and ensure that all items are completely dry before storing to avoid mold and mildew growth.

Find Peace of Mind Renting with Hillside Self Storage in Hillside, TX

Following these packing tips will help to make the moving process a much smoother experience. Not all items need to find their way into the storage unit. Before coming to Hillside Self Storage, be sure that your vehicle can handle all the supplies you plan to bring. As you are packing up your storage unit just remember to measure twice to check that all your largest items will comfortably fit in your chosen unit. Make sure you are renting the ideal size storage unit for your load by using our online storage calculator.

Rent storage units online with Hillside Self-Storage in Hillside, TX and make sure every item finds finds a secure home. Don’t wait till it’s too late—with planning and preparation, your storage packing process can be a breeze. Get started with Hillside Self Storage now!

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