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Looking for self storage tips to make sure you get the most of your rental? In addition to offering secure and expansive storage space in Amarillo, TX, Hillside Self Storage is your destination for gathering expert advice, stocking up on packing supplies, and discovering ways to organize your home or business. Look through our top self storage tips, and get started with Hillside Self Storage today!

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Self Storage Tips to Create Space & Stay Organized

self storage tips - choose your storage unit Choose Your Storage Unit

With so many storage options in Amarillo, TX, how can you find the best storage facility for you? You can start your search with the focus on proximity. You want a location close to your home, work, or along your commute. Convenience is an important factor when storing.

From there, identify your storage needs and compare the storage units available to you. Drive-up storage units can offer you quick access to your belongings, along with easy loading. Indoor storage units can offer protection from weather and provide a secure spot for even your moisture-sensitive belongings to be stored long-term. Do your research on your options to find a fit for your needs and budget.

Visit Hillside Self Storage on Hillside Road in Amarillo to start organizing your space. Read more about the different storage features we offer, and use our storage calculator to help you determine the ideal amount of storage space to rent to hold your load.

self storage tips - packing boxes

Packing Tips for Your Boxes

1. Plan Before Packing

Store your prized possessions with peace of mind! Make sure to take special care while packing away delicate items, and pick up all the necessary packing supplies from our Hillside Self Storage office. Our knowledgeable storage experts will be more than happy to answer your questions before you begin renting. Don’t forget: it is essential that you understand the regulations and expectations prior to moving into your storage rental.

2. Pack Heavier Items on the Bottom, Lighter on Top

As you start packing, take note of the weights of your items. A good general rule to follow when packing boxes—or any kind of space—is to pack your heaviest and sturdiest items on the bottom and in the back. Some of these might be able to be used as a foundation to stack other boxes and belongings on top. Make sure you are packing your box until it is full. Filling the gaps in your box will keep it from caving in and damaging contents.

3. Clean Then Cover

Keep your belongings in prime condition with a few preventative steps. Cleaning your items is an easy way to guard against dust, water damage and unfavorable odors. To ensure appliances and electronics remain safe, gather some protective coverings.

4. Store Airtight to Avoid Pests

Properly packing your items airtight is the best way to guard against damage, pests and moisture. If you have possessions of value, such as antiques, clothing pieces, tech gadgets or paperwork that require protection from these elements, then you need more than just a cardboard box for storage. Utilize bins and airtight bags to keep moisture from getting where it shouldn’t be.

self storage tips - how to pack your storage unit Packing Tips for Your Storage Unit

1. Construct an Organization Layout that Works for You

Making your life more comfortable should be the goal of renting a storage unit. To ensure that your storage space is optimized for organization and easy to access, start by leaving an aisle down the center, so you can reach all areas without struggle. Group like items together – such as winter clothing or kitchen appliances – so you don’t have to go through everything when searching for specific pieces. Lastly, place your most essential and frequently used possessions near the entrance in case they are needed while other belongings remain tucked away safely farther back in the storage unit.

2. Use the Whole Storage Space

Take advantage of your entire storage unit space. By trying different methods to stack your items, like adding shelves, you can safely store your belongings vertically and make the most of your rental.

3. Don’t Store Perishables & Flammables

While there are many items you can store in self storage, it is important to identify what you cannot store. Keep perishables out of your storage unit. They attract bugs and other unwanted pests, and they tend to go bad quickly. Besides perishables, do not store anything dangerous or flammable. Find a more complete list of prohibited items from Move.org.

self storage tips - vehicle storage tipsVehicle Storage Tips

In addition to protecting your household and business items, self storage also offers convenient options for storing your vehicle(s). Smaller equipment can fit in our drive-up storage units—just ask our storage professionals how Hillside Self Storage can serve your vehicle storage needs!

Before you store away a vehicle, you need to take the time to prepare it. To ensure it runs as smoothly as possible upon your return, start by cleaning it. Inside and out, you want there to be as little dirt as possible before you cover it. If you plan to leave it long-term, get an oil change. Then fill the gas tank to prevent harmful moisture build-up, and add a fuel stabilizer. Find more vehicle storage tips from Edmund’s.

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Ready to find the ideal self storage unit to pack away your belongings? Hillside Self Storage makes the rental process easy by showing you all our available storage units online. You can browse and compare your local storage options and secure your storage space whenever you are ready. See what Hillside Self Storage has to offer the Amarillo, TX, community!

Between indoor and outdoor storage, our storage facility has space for every situation. Climate-controlled storage units protect through even the hottest of summers, while our drive-up storage units have convenience as their number one advantage. Talk to our storage experts about your needs to find Hillside Self Storage’s best features and storage unit size for protecting your belongings. You can also check out our online storage calculator to get a quick sizing recommendation. Get started with Hillside Self Storage!

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